At the moment, my major focus are long-distance classes – they work really great as I can supervise the whole process, unlike as with seminars. So you’re more than welcome to join in the fun!

I’m still doing 2 camps in LoLaBuLand, exclusively for my on line students.

The dates for 2014 are now fixed: 16-19 June and 22-25 September.

There are some changes this year. We’ll have a smaller group and only 4 days as 5 days was a bit too much for the dogs. Also, this time we won’t go with “first come” system, but those who took more classes will have an advantage in getting a spot as with less spots and just two camps, I guess they will fill quickly… Both camps are reserved for on line students and you can send an application for a spot till end of January. Right after, I’ll let everybody know who got in.

The price for 4 days is 360e and you will be asked to pay 100e in advance to reserve a spot once the spot is confirmed in February.

Some pictures of April 2012 camp (by Maja Rokavec):


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And August 2011 camps (by Maja Rokavec and Maria Pajzderska):


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  1. Hi Silvia,

    My name is Céline and my dog is Karmen, a 12 months-old standard poodle. I’m a big fan of your long distance classes:-) We already took part in:
    - puppy class
    - agility foundations
    - running contact 2 et 3

    I’m wondering about participating in one of your seminars but my husband is not really interested… So I need to be convinced to ask him this effort! Do you think we could learn a lot during those few days or keeping up with your long distance classes would bring me as much as a 5-days-seminar?

    After managing the RC method (I imagine around March), we’ll still have 3 months to train (different sequences in different places) before starting competitions, in June.
    I was thinking about joining a Handling Class or an Advanced Foundations class? Does it exist? Do you plan such things around March?
    Then, I plan to take part in your next advanced puppy tricks.

    Thank you

    • Well, some people prefer working in live, but from my experience, everything can be done through videos too, so Handling classes would be about the equivalent to what we’ll be working on in camps. There is no Advanced Foundations class -- Handling classes have this role. Handling classes are on open registration, so you can sign up and run the courses any time you want, so you can join either Handling I or II (II is more active at the moment), any time you want.

  2. It’s great, I didn’t know Handling class had no time limitations :-)
    I guess every one goes with his own rythm and time availability. What a great idea!!
    I’ll join on Handling II mid-february.
    My husband’ll love it :-)
    Thank you for your honesty.

  3. Hi Silvia,
    my 13years old daughter Melinda attended a seminar with you last year in Germany with Leo, the Poodle and Bijou, the BorderCollie. She was very impressed, extremely enthousiastic and fond of you and your way of teeaching. (and by the way, rather successful afterwards in the competitions, thanks to you)
    Now we habe a new puppy (borderCollie, 14 weeks) and she would like to attend another Seminar with you. from the beginning
    Will you return to Germany; are there planned any lessons/seminars in Germany; and -- if yes -- when and where? We/she really would like to come there again.
    Please inform us by email/newsletter or here in the blog, if you are going to Germany again in 2012/3013. thank you very much in advance,
    best regards from NorthGermany
    Melinda, Ingrid, Leo, Bijou and Malaika.

    • Congratulations on the puppy! I remember Melinda yes, she was doing great already at the seminar! I’m not planning any seminars abroad in the near future as I mostly focus on long-distance classes now though, but Puppy Class starting next Monday would be just perfect for her new puppy!

  4. Hello Silvia!
    Thank you so very much for your prompt answer! Although it is a pity that you wont go abroad, nevertheless it is a a lucky chance that the long-distance puppy class starts right now next monday, great!
    As far as I understood, it will also bring benefit for the active adult dogs.
    Melinda wants to attend the puppy class (with pleasure!); and so I/we will subscribe this very day.
    See/read you later,
    best regards
    Ingrid + Melinda + the dog pack :-)

  5. Hi Silvia
    My daugther Christelle from France (17years old) would like to participate to your session end of august (21-25/08).
    Is there already free place ?
    From our side we need more details about living during training.
    Where to sleep,eat and leave during the week?(Difficult by plane to carry alone tent + equipement + dog + food + clothes…..)
    She should be alone with our Border, no licence to drive from airport to your place…
    Have you eventually some possibilities to take care of living in a room with extra fee as exemple or other solution ?

  6. Hi Silvia i woud like some informations about date of seminars in 2013?? Is it possible?? Have You already a waiting list??? During Chistmas holidays there is thè possibility to work in Lolabuland with You??? Thanks Cinzia

    • The camps are in April, July and August -- exact dates will be known in January. Long-distance classes students have a priority in getting a spot so you can certainly get one if registering in January, when the registration opens. A private lesson or two are always possible for on line students too, but I can’t do more privates on more consecutive days because I’m too busy with long-distance classes -- I just can’t fit it all in 24 hours…

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