It’s finally out! My 5th training DVD, on SPEED this time: Ready-Steady-GO! – or 33 Tips for More Speed! The DVD is 1h45min long and has 5 chapters, addressing Conditioning, Attitude, Games to play, dealing with Stress and making Agility training more about running.

Speed was always our favourite topic and having the fifth dog who is constantly setting best times of all jump heights and holding a record of setting best time on World Championships for 20 times (16 times with La, 4 times with Bu – and Lo once had 2nd best time: after La :) ) probably means we have something important to tell :)

I definitely recommend this DVD to all who feel their dog could still run even faster or deal with motivational or stress issues. You’ll also learn a lot on my approach to agility and philosophy behind the training that makes them just as fast as they are – and a lot on conditioning that keeps them that fast that LONG! This DVD will also give you a good look into our everyday life as well as our agility trainings. So no, it’s not just for dogs with speed issues! For me, it’s actually the most important pre-agility step and we follow the 33 Tips all the time. And oh, it’s mostly taken in beautiful Corsica mountains! :)

The trailer:

The DVD plays everywhere in the world and can be shipped everywhere – OR, you can decide for the download version, save on shipping and have it on your computer in 1 to 2 hours after ordering.

Option 1:  shipping you a DVD - 48 eur/65 usd + shipping 5 eur/6.7 usd (regardless of where we are sending and how many DVDs you’re ordering)


Option 2: download - you will get a link to a downloadable copy that takes about 1-2 hours to download, but the quality is somewhat lower as on a DVD. We recommend playing it with VLC or QuickTime player.
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A secret to a long and injury-free agility career:

Tricks for balance, strength and coordination -  definitely the tricks that my dogs do most often from all the tricks they know, as a part of their conditioning program and their warm up routines! Tricks are definitely a perfect way to keep your dog fit, injury-free and fast and agile on agility course!

The video is almost 2 hours long and costs 47 eur/62 usd (+ 5 eur for shipping for DVD version – the same no matter how many DVDs you order).

As always you can choose between two options:

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136 thoughts on “Speed&Conditioning

  1. Hi Silvia,
    I watched your DVD on speed and I have a somewhat silly question :) about favorit happy trick.
    Odi’s favorite thing to do when he gets excetied and happy is to grab my arm with both front feet and hold it and bite my sleve and jump up in the air. He’s od course actually sort off humping me :) It’s not very obvious but he does try to get some humping in there while beeing happy. Unfortunatly that’s by far his happiest behaviour.
    Do you think it would be wise or even possible to teach it as a grabing trick without the side effect of humping :) Because I really don’t want to promote that. Or does the benefit of this “trick” outweigh the negative of it? And I should look at it as “Whatever works works”
    That’s what I get for having only male dogs :)

    • Hm, yes, I think it would be very hard to separate those two… So you probably need to decide if you want to use whatever works, together with humping, in trials, or if you want to find another alternative instead :)

  2. Hi Silvia,

    I have wanted one of your DVDs for a long time now, and after saving up some money I narrowed my choices down to which one would help us the most right now. I train on my own and we have just made it to the Elite level, so I definitely thought this DVD could help us even more! I just watched your Speed & Conditioning DVD and all I can say is….WOW! I loved every part of it and will definitely be re watching and taking notes as much as possible! I plan to make a video in the future on how much we’ve learned and what we’ve improved on since purchasing your DVD.
    I can’t thank you enough Silvia!!
    Jesse & Tarra

  3. Hi, I am trying to purchase your Ready Steady GO Dvd but I am not sure how to switch the currency to US dollars. Is this possible to do? Thank you!

  4. Hello there!
    Just got the video and watched it for the first, and very likely not the last time :)
    i’ve already planned many things, like how to get my dear dog Szeder to run full speed, because she does often, i just didn’t name the behaviour yet.
    We are going to have a 18 day break ( gosh, how are spaniels supposed to survive that?!) from agility.
    Good thing that we could have a fresh start, and begin using the 33 tips included in this great video, for more speed :3
    Thank you very much for sharing this!
    Greetings from Hungary! 8)

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