A secret to a long and injury-free agility career:

Tricks for balance, strength and coordination -  definitely the tricks that my dogs do most often from all the tricks they know, as a part of their conditioning program and their warm up routines! Tricks are definitely a perfect way to keep your dog fit, injury-free and fast and agile on agility course!

The video is almost 2 hours long and costs 47 eur/62 usd (+ 5 eur for shipping for DVD version – the same no matter how many DVDs you order).

As always you can choose between two options:

- download (the file is 800Mb)
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- DVD (shipped to your address – anywhere in the world):


While Tricks for a great bond video addresses how to teach tricks in general, with some basic explanations of shaping etc., Tricks for better thinking skills really explore the dog’s mind in all its dimensions, allow you to see how your dog thinks and learn how he learns. The tricks explained are my favorite 10+ tricks that help the dog to learn the concepts of learning, we’ll be working on their problem solving, complex thinking and generalization skills and I sure hope you’ll have as much fun with it as we do! And I promise that after mastering the tricks from this DVD, every next thing to teach your dog will be a piece of cake. :)

To see the trailer:

The video is 1h20min long and costs 46e (about 63$)

To order:

1. download
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2. DVD version


The content:

- why: 10 positive side-effects of teaching tricks

- how:  general explanation on how to teach whatever trick you want

- step by step instructions how to teach 10 tricks, from basic to advanced ones

- trouble shooting (dog not offering anything, dog not motivated, dog too excited, getting stuck somewhere etc.)

The trailer:

Ordering options, the price is 45€:

1. you can download the video, it is 1h 20min long, file is 800Mb big (2h on a 1.024Mbs line).
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2. you can buy the DVD version. Shipping costs additional 5€, it takes usually 6 working days for the DVD to get to you.

104 thoughts on “Tricks

  1. Hi, I have a 6 mth papillon. Are tricks for Balance and Coordination possible to do with her, or she is too young and I should attend her to puppy class in autumn instead?
    Would you recommend any other tricks video?
    She knows a few tricks (sit, lay down, bag, shy, hide, left, gimme 5, tap the target and wait) and just tap the target was shaped, but now we shape every day one simple trick, for example with both paws on the ball or sth like that, to get her to understand shaping quicker.

    from 1:27 on are some tricks.

    And one more question, we have some problems with recall, she don’t look at me outside, and I have to produce weird voices to her to look at me, and than enthusiastically praise and encourage her to come, and than se run to me. Should I start working on attention and teach look at me? :)

    Thank you :)

    • I start with tricks for balance, strength and coordination at 8 weeks -- with moderation of course, so yes, that’s a good video to start with. Tricks for a great bond is a good one for starting too.

      She doesn’t need to look at you the whole walk, she needs to run around and be a dog too! But of course, you want her to respond when called, so train a recall with less distractions first until she connects it with something extra cool and then SLOWLY add distractions and still reinforce it A LOT with her favourite treats/toys. Try running away too to make it a fun chasing game.

      She is very cute with her tricks!!!

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  3. I got your DVD “Tricks for Balance, Strenght and Coordination” yesterday and I LOVE it!! :)) Everything is explained so well, and after hearing explanations on some problem (for example, what to do if a dog sits down, when you try to teach him to walk back), teaching those tricks is really easy! :) We already tried to teach back and FINALLY I don’t have problems with sitting down anymore! (before watching your video, I couldn’t figure it out, what I was doing wrong…)

    Anyway, I strongly recommend this video to everyone, you really learn a lot from it. :) Now I’m also thinking about entering us to your October Foundations Class, so we will probably see you there! :D

    Wish you all the best!

  4. I just bought the “tricks for a great bond” DVD (was hasitating with the RC one after puppy class) and I couldn’t myself from laughing out loud at the “hide” trick for doing “hide” in “play dead” position is Fast’s favorite trick, and I never teached him anything about it. I was about to try and dissociate these bahaviors so that I can use “hide” even in sit or situp or standup … he already proposed but I wasn’t having my clicker and treats …

  5. Hi,
    I have 8 Australian Shepherds, I don’t compete or do agility, but I really want to trick train in order to get them thinking and offering behaviors. Good mental exercise. I can’t afford to buy all three of your DVDs, so I’d like to know which one you would recommend if I only get one.

    • If you are new to tricks training, then start with Tricks for a great bond. If you did shaping before, then you can start with Thinking Skills or body skills (balance, coordination, strength) -- whatever is of more interest to you.

      • I’ve mainly only worked on clicker training for obedience skills (sit, stay, down, etc.) and I’ve worked on high five (or shake), but shaping isn’t my strength so my dogs don’t have a lot of experience with it and don’t offer a lot of behaviors. So Tricks for a great bond then, I assume?

        • Yes, I think Tricks for a great bond then. Tricks for balance would be good option too as some of those can also easily be lured, but if you want to go more to shaping, then Tricks for a great bond.

  6. I’m new to shaping (or lets say I’m bad at shaping!). I bought your DVD Tricks for a great bond as you suggested and I’m trying the basic (supposedly quick and easy) Suitcase trick. With no luck! I spent 15 minutes and all I get is front feet in, nothing more. The problem is I don’t even get anything that moves closer to a back leg in to click! I am trying to click and treat a lot, but I just get standing with front two legs and then nothing more offered, except for maybe pawing at me or the edge of the suitcase. If I continue to click, we just stay there and if I stop to see if he will offer something else, he just gets out of the suitcase! Help!

    • First, make sure the suitcase is big enough ie. longer as the dog. If you can find another, bigger object, that might be even better. Do you get any movement with hind feet that you could click at all? Also, reward by tossing treats in the suitcase, to keep his focus off you and on the suitcase.

      • I have a very big suitcase, so the size is OK. I get no hind feet movement at all. All I get is front legs in, sniff around, then back out and sit and stare at me. I was staring at the back legs, looking for any slight movement but they are just not moving at all! Should I just try small, quick sessions, keep clicking for two feet in and then if one day I see a bit of movement of back legs, click for that? Or will he just get stuck at two legs in?

        • No, don’t keep clicking for 2 feet in as then he will think that’s the final behaviour and won’t offer more… But sounds like he would maybe need some more hind feet awareness tricks firsts to get him to offer more with hind feet -- they can be hard to understand to dogs who were not asked before to use them in many different ways… Tricks for coordination would be great for that. Maybe try some other tricks from the DVD first then go for Tricks for coordination and then come back to this trick again.

    • Well, it’s very easy to lure it with a treat :) but I shape it -- start in down position, then click for weight shifts, then rolling on one hip, then stretching hind feet to the side and finally adding the front. With Le, I first got front to the side and then rear though, so to be more accurate -- I just click anything going in the right direction :) It’s easier to shape it on something soft and cosy :)

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