Running Contacts class started today!

Long-distance Running Contacts class started today! Check your classroom or, if not registered yet, you can still join in the fun!

And here is a video I wanted to do for my previous class, but then it took me somewhat longer, so I’m just posting it here: a little update on Le’s turns, some entries&exits ideas and some more showing off with Bi’s hind feet separation and 3-strides (red tunnel direction) DWs :)

5 thoughts on “Running Contacts class started today!

  1. I can’t get enough of Bi’s RC! It is so impressive to see such a long striding dog manage to hit it every time! My friends dog looks just like Bi, but he is a mix of breeds, no BC, even though he looks just lika Bi. And weird enough, I think he has a “BC personality” too :D

    • Yeah, I just wish she could measure where the jumps are with the same precision as she can measure where the contact is… -- Too much in a hurry for that one! But it’s sure always a thrill to run her! :)

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