And the winners are…

And the winners of LoLaBuLand Drumming Challenge are…

The Havanese Drummers with 590 “like”s!!!

Followed by MiaCat&Ben:


And Juno:

All four are asked to send me your postal addresses and let me know DVD of your choice.

BIG THANKS to all other participants too, I LOVED watching your videos, they sure gave me some good laughs! Loved all the creativity you showed and your little drummers were just sooo cute! You all did so great that I decided to give free download link of a chosen video for everybody who participated in a challenge – so send in your wishes on which video you want! :)

5 thoughts on “And the winners are…

  1. We truly LOVED the Havanese FreeStylers!!! I had to send the video to my fellow Havanese friends and extended families as the video showed the true personality of these lovely little dogs. We are so very glad that the Havanese FreeStylers won the contest -- paws down <3

  2. Everyone was brill but I have to say the Havanese drummers were amazing and deff my fave
    So happy my little guys got placed and thankyou for the opportunity to join in this fun contest

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