Our address is Dobravica pri Velikem Gabru 9, 8213 Veliki Gaber. It’s a small village 15 min east from Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. The closest airport is Brnik, Ljubljana, 35min away. We’re only one hour from Trieste, Zagreb and Klagenfurt, 2 hours from Venezia, 3.5 hours from Wien, 4 hours from Munich. It’s a nice place for vacations, Adriatic See is just one hour south and Alps are just one hour north.

From a highway Ljubljana-Zagreb you can already see us: take an exit BIC, turn LEFT, then first RIGHT (behind a big house that will be hopefully soon be a hotel), keep RIGHT in Y crossing, drive through the fields, through the village and 30m after the last house on a left, turn left to a new-made house and our cool agility roof  with an artificial grass!

Hope to see you there!

In a year and a half since we are here, we have had visitors from Australia, Japan, Chile, USA, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Italy, Austria and Croatia. So yes, everything is possible :)

Our visitors from Australia

Visitors from Chile

18 thoughts on “Location

  1. Hi there Silvia,

    I would be really glad if you could give some informations about how a person from another country can get to your classes/seminars.
    EX: The closest airport, places to stay with dogs, if is needed to rent a car, etc.



    • Driving-distance-other-countries are easy, flying gets somewhat more complicated. The closest airport is in Brnik, it’s called Ljubljana or Jozeta Pucnika. It’s 30, 40 min by car from LoLaBuLand. Renting a car there makes things easier, if necessary, I can play taxi too:). Another airports you can use that are all one hour away are Trieste (Italy), Klagenfurt (Austria) and Zagreb (Croatia). Venezia and Graz are two hours, Wien and Verona three, Munich four. You can rent a car or take a train to Ljubljana and I can pick you up there.

      There is a hotel opening in few months at walking distance (5min on feet) from LoLaBuLand and there is another place close-by renting rooms. I’ll have a complete info on hotels in a week or so.

  2. Hi Silvia,
    I’m very interested in your Seminars/camps in April 2011:) Im from Germany and I would love to participate :)
    Is it possible to take the train with my dog? (She loves the train;) ) Where can we rent a room? Do you have any information about thar?
    Is there more information about everything?

    Thanks, Greetings from Germany :)


    • Perfect, April camp still has some free spots! It’s no problem to travel by train with the dog, I used to do that a lot. If you come without the car, then the best is to rent bed&breakfast room at the walking distance from the center, I can find you one if you decide to come. The prices for rooms are good in that area, it’s not a very touristic one :)

  3. Hi! I have been drooling over your videos for a long time -- someday I hope to see you in person. :)
    I just wanted to say that your new site is wonderful and let you know that I saw a typo -- Adriatic See should be Adriatic Sea in the first paragraph. I have typos in my blog all the time and appreciate people letting me know about them. Please don’t post this on the site! I don’t want to look mean! :) I can’t wait for my first video from you -- your dogs are so motivated! You are doing so much to help dogs and owners all over the world.

  4. HI! Silvia

    Just wanted to thank you for introducing me to the music of Reamon . I have never heard of him before in Canada . He is very good .I don’t know how much music you like but here is some I like and you might like to listen to there is a young lady from Canada by the name of Serena Ryder you may like her . Mark Lazzotte from Australia. both have web sites and many videos . My border collies has a heavy winter coat now . She loves the snow . I have included a picture of where she and I play every day .Bye from Canada hope I haven’t wasted you time

    • Would April be possible for you? April is full as far as handling is concerned, but I still have free spots for April puppy and foundation class. If you’re interested, just let me know to reserve you a spot.

  5. Unfortunately I would be unable to attend for at least 2 years, as I’m in college right now. One thing is for sure- I’ll be seeing you one day!

  6. ciao silvia vorrei solo 10 minuti di attenzione vorrei fari vedere un cane anche solo 10 minuti pagando naturalmente io arriverei da firenze a lubiana anche solo per 10 minuti e’ importantissimo per me il tuo giudizio a riguardo del lavoro del mio cane ho fatto le cose che fai vedere su youtube ho guardato ho cercato di imparare ti chiedo solo 10 minuti del tuo tempo grazie anticipatamente

  7. Hi Sylvia,

    I saw your dvd of ready/steady/go , and I’m in love with the landscape where it is included, I suppose it is where you live?
    is there something you can rent for vacation?

    I would also like at the summer camp, when is this planned?

    • It’s mostly Corsica in the video :) Lolabuland camps will again be in April, July and August -- I’ll publish more info in January. It might be I’ll need to limit the registration to long-distance students only though as there is so much interest there won’t be room for all…

  8. Hi Silvia!
    How many team(dog and Handler are participating in your Seminar? I would be interested for next year but I need to plan early as it is far from British Columbia, Canada!!! :)

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