It’s finally out! My 5th training DVD, on SPEED this time: Ready-Steady-GO! – or 33 Tips for More Speed! The DVD is 1h45min long and has 5 chapters, addressing Conditioning, Attitude, Games to play, dealing with Stress and making Agility training more about running.

Speed was always our favourite topic and having the fifth dog who is constantly setting best times of all jump heights and holding a record of setting best time on World Championships for 20 times (16 times with La, 4 times with Bu – and Lo once had 2nd best time: after La :) ) probably means we have something important to tell :)

I definitely recommend this DVD to all who feel their dog could still run even faster or deal with motivational or stress issues. You’ll also learn a lot on my approach to agility and philosophy behind the training that makes them just as fast as they are – and a lot on conditioning that keeps them that fast that LONG! This DVD will also give you a good look into our everyday life as well as our agility trainings. So no, it’s not just for dogs with speed issues! For me, it’s actually the most important pre-agility step and we follow the 33 Tips all the time. And oh, it’s mostly taken in beautiful Corsica mountains! :)

The trailer:

The DVD plays everywhere in the world and can be shipped everywhere – OR, you can decide for the download version, save on shipping and have it on your computer in 1 to 2 hours after ordering.

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A secret to a long and injury-free agility career:

Tricks for balance, strength and coordination -  definitely the tricks that my dogs do most often from all the tricks they know, as a part of their conditioning program and their warm up routines! Tricks are definitely a perfect way to keep your dog fit, injury-free and fast and agile on agility course!

The video is almost 2 hours long and costs 47 eur/62 usd (+ 5 eur for shipping for DVD version – the same no matter how many DVDs you order).

As always you can choose between two options:

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136 thoughts on “Speed&Conditioning

  1. Hi!
    Just wanted to tell you how impressed I was with how fast my DVD came! I was so happy!
    I just got it today, and I just finished watching it, and I can’t tell you how much I love it, and how much it is going to help us! I wish I had had this when my girl was a pup, well actually I wish I knew about agility when she was a pup! Really this video is like made for us! :)
    Had one question, I think you went over it probably but I missed it.
    What do you do when something goes wrong, whether it be my fault or hers? She is super correction sensitive, even if I say ‘almost!’ in a happy voice she gets stressed and slow. So I should just not correct right? does that give her enough info? Or should I just keep running no matter what, and just reward the right? :) Thanks so much.

    • Glad you liked the video! For handler faults, don’t stop and don’t redo, just pretend that’s exactly what you wanted :) -- it’s really not her problem! For training mistakes (contacts, weaves etc.), just turn around and try again, BUT make sure that successful rate is very high all the time: make things easy enough for her to succeed almost every time! Meantime, shape as many tricks as you can think of, as shaping teaches that there are no mistakes, it’s always just another try.

      • Thanks so much.
        So say if she misses or pops out of her weaves for example I should just run and let her finish and just bring her around to try again? Can I say like good girl, is that a reward and is it bad to use it on a wrong try? I tried using the word ‘almost’ instead of ‘no’ last week, and she caught on real fast and she stresses at those words. Poor girl.
        Yes we are trying to learn lots of tricks! I was trying to teach her to bounce like your dogs but we haven’t quite got that through yet :) she just stands up and dances, hah. She prefers to be on two feet!
        My trainers always say just say ‘no’ and go back and do it, but she gets so slow and stressed I am looking for another way to do that. :)

        • I wouldn’t say good girl no, just call her back and try again. But again, the major focus is that her successful rate is very high, with such a sensitive dog definitely over 90%, preferably 95%, meaning that you should make a weave exercises easy enough for her to do it right in 19 out of 20 tries. is she stressing also when you’re shaping something new or she is o.k. there?

          • Okay, well her recall is somewhat bad when she suspects she did something wrong, I guess I’ll work on that.
            Ah, I see. Okay, so I’m retaining weaves with channels, so I guess pull them farther apart when she misses twice? What about maybe jumping a contact? I guess lower it?
            No, she loves shaping tricks. She almost never stresses during trick training, unless of course I’m impatient, which is my fault :) I almost never rush training anymore so we’re good there. Thanks a bunch by the way!

  2. Hi Sylvia,

    I just bought the DVD ready steady go, I finally got my paycheck ;-).
    Did it went trough, and have you got any idear when it will arrive here in the Netherlands?

    • Hm, no, I actually don’t find an order under this e-mail address… Did you use another one? Normally, it should get to the Netherlands in 3 days -- but for now, I can’t find your order…

  3. Got my Ready, Set. GO DVD today in the mail and just sat down to watch it right away. Love it!
    However, I got distracted from what you were saying when you were running at the WC ;-) That’s OK, I plan to watch over and over to assimilate it all. Thanks.

  4. My husband received your confirmation e-mail for the shipping of the DVDs, thanks a lot for the speedy mailing! Can’t wait to see them under my Christmas tree! Happy Holidays everybody! :D

  5. Hi Sylvia,

    yesterday I got the DVD!! I love it. It has lots of great tips :D also great to see, some of your tips I tought of also ;-) So that tells me I’m on the right way!
    Now I have a question. You tell about tennisballs, and that most dogs don’t like them because of the pressure to bring them back to the owner. I tought Ginger (who doesn’t like toys) to go after a tennisbal. She starts to like it, but indeed bringing it back is the ‘problem’ she brings it back but drops it about 2 meters before me.
    Is bringing it back so importent? Or can you also reward (with food for now) when she is running after the bal en catches it. So catches it means a reward. Not so much the bringing it back? Then I just get it? Because if I want to use it in agility I want to use it to reward forward action, I don’t really care of she brings it back or not. The point is that she has to run (fast and happy) after the ball, so she will learn to go forward in stead of be with me all the time, and always get the reward with me.
    So, can I stop trying to train her to bring the ball back, and just be happy with the fact that she runs after it and gets it? So click at the moment she gets the bal, and them reward her with food (wheter she still has the bal when she comes to me or not)

    • Right, but why would you click it and reward with food if catching a ball is rewarding already? Just get the next ball and throw that one. Try to have several lying around so that you can keep the training going.

      • okay. Well I thought I reward with food because I think she doesn’t yet like the ball that much it is a reward.
        What should I do then? First train at home, have sereval balls and keep trowing them (and she goes after it an catches them)? like in your video in the woods when you trow leaves/pine cones over and over and de dogs only have to catch them they don’t have to bring them back.
        How do I learn her that the ball is the reward? Cause I think if I keep trowing balls, eventually she will get demotivated and stop… cause she expects the food reward after getting the bal…?

        • Well, teaching them to bring a ball for a treat is always my last resort. I first try all the other games and try to get their natural instinct to chase out of them, without using any food. Did you try all other games already? How old is she and for how long were you trying to work on her prey drive before resorting to food?

          • I haven’t tried all the prey games (just got your dvd were I learned them. And couple months ago started with the ball). I started with the ball because someone who gave us a seminar gave it as a tip.
            But now I have seen youre dvd I’m already working on making great prey toys ;-) So I think I better start with that first, and leave the ball a side for a while.
            She is almost 8 years old (in february she turns 8). Whe got her when she was 6 years. And she didn’t play with anything, didn’t even want to held anything in her mouth. With lots of patciense, and try playing with her in her crazy moments ;-) She now sometimes tugs a little with a toy, and runs after it (without a food reward). And she starts liking frisbee (but get’s a food reward for that tough). She didn’t learn to play with the previous owners sadly… So I’m already working hard on it ;-) doing the best I can :-)

            • Right, things are definitely harder with dogs who didn’t have an opportunity to play as puppies… I’m sure she will find a joy in new games, but it can take some time and patience after 6 years of not playing. So meantime, you can definitely use a ball and a treat like you explained, sounds like you’re on a good track already! What you describe is actually a really big achievement for a dog who didn’t play at all for first 6 years, so you must definitely be doing something right :) -- great job!

  6. Ahhh I am loving what I get out of my Weim when I use some of the ideas in the DVD SO MUCH! I tied a chew raw hide type toy to a leash to reward while running and practiced some wrap and run :-) I do it between runs in my cls and it has been the last three classes when I used this that Shiva is not asleep between runs (normally Evie would be screaming and shredding a towel when I run Shiva {yes, I bring a towel with me for her} and Shiva would be sleeping..) Now Shiva’s head is up and she appears ready to go out and chase this new toy. My instructor says she loves the new Shiva :-) not only is she faster, her focus is better and her lines are very smooth. My idea is to advance to using a bait-bag on a leash with the raw hide in it. Because Shiva became so aggressive with the toy that she breaks pieces of it at the end of each run -- so I’m thinking maybe its time to move one step fwd. Do you agree?

  7. Yes, I get a lof of “chase” out of her on the agility field this way :-) Her favorite thing in life is to chase (wabbits). Thanks again for the wonderful DVD!

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