Running Contacts

Running Contacts That Make You Smile DVD is almost 3 hours long and covers the whole training process from getting the full out running, to flat plank work, raising the plank, adding challenges, turns, advanced exits, A-frame and running DW in trials, with a trouble shooting section within each chapter. The DVD features 30 different dogs of 16 different breeds on their journey to running contacts and addresses all the possible problems we encountered in Running Contacts classes.

The DVD plays everywhere in the world and can be shipped anywhere — OR, you can decide for the download version, save on shipping and have it on your computer in 1 to 2 hours after ordering.

- Download version (49,99 EUR/USD 64, 1,2 Gb)

You will get a link to a downloadable copy that takes about 1-2 hours to download, but the quality is somewhat lower as on a DVD. We recommend playing it with VLC or QuickTime player.

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- DVD version (50 EUR/USD 64 + 5 euros for shipping)

Shipping is the same regardless of where we are sending and how many DVDs you’re ordering. When ordering from Europe, it takes about 5 days and for other parts of the world, max. 14 days.


77 thoughts on “Running Contacts

  1. Sorry to bother you here, but i have one quick question. ;)
    I will start to train AF now with Hero and i would like to have running AF. Do you think i should try to get two strides or is this to optimistic and i should from beginning train one stride only?

    • I wouldn’t worry about number of strides and just select for good running style… If you can get good reach and separation, we can get the hits as well, regardless of number of strides.

      • Actually i have to work a lot now and i don’t have so much time to train anymore so i decided i will go for 2on2off on DW, it will go faster, considering i have to do a lot of preparation to put together setup for RC. :( And I would like to start competing with him in spring that he will have more fun on competitions too, i have a lot of stuff to do until then so i decided so, yes, it’s just impossible to have it all by then. I’m hardly waiting for that, now that agility become great fun for him. :) And i think he was somehow trained for 2on2off, because he get it immediately, maybe that explains all the problems we have with it. But i have planned something like that from the beginning, but running AF i would really like to have. :) Now that nice weather will start and we will have almost all obstacles we will come to Handling to learn some more. :)

  2. Hi Silvia, could you possibly have a look and see what I’m doing wrong please? :) We started running contacts last winter but gave up as we weren’t making progress, started again at the beginning of this winter….not had as much chance to work on it as I’d like as it’s been so wet here!
    We were getting over 80% success with low dogwalk (65cm?) and one particular start spot, went up to medium trestles (80cm?) as have nothing in between, and all of a sudden Dazzle is trying to take a stride out and do it in 4 strides! She’s still running, still showing separation, so missing not leaping, although if she put her front feet down I think she’d be there…… 5 strides (6 hits) she’s there, but these are rare, mostly getting 4 strides/5 hits and a miss! I tried increasing the approach speed to see if she could get there in 4 strides, but she’s not big enough! Should we lower the height again? Find a start spot that gives us consistent 5 strides? Play the get that contact game? Very grateful for any feedback, as I’m tearing my hair out!!

    • Most dogs avoid hitting with ff once the height goes up, so we don’t want those no -- just limit her speed on the approach to get 5 stride rf hits. More height will discourage 4 strides anyway. Some gtcg never hurts either.

      • Thanks Silvia! One more question….is it OK to carry on competing with our 2 on 2 off while we’re training running, so I don’t put us under pressure to try and train this too quick?

          • Great, we have 2 cues! One more question, last one I promise! Is it best to work on getting to full height before we do proofing like different start spots and approach speeds, or better to do all that at this height and then go up again and do it all again? Very grateful for your help, I have something positive to work with now, after getting varying advise from elsewhere and getting confused (which is why we gave up last year!)!

  3. Hi Silvia, this is where we are at.
    I have been starting him from a sit in front of the DW to get some low-speed approaches as you said. We are at 100cm now. Is this ok?

    • This is good for hits yes, but throw in some speedier approaches and try to get 4 stride hits now, before raising it any further, as 4 strides is more realistic striding for him as 5.

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