For more on running contacts, it’s best to join running contacts class or get a Running Contacts DVD. This page is meant for those who just have a quick question or want to show their finished product – you are very welcome to do so, it still brings a smile to my face when I see a beautiful running contact, it’s something addictive about it. It is on times frustrating as well… -  but it all makes the end result even sweeter. So… Happy training, everybody!


  1. Juliane and Nakhal

    Hi Silvia, could you please give me some advises about this sequence? How would you drive this exit? Like a straight exit (extended strides)? or like a tight turn (collected strides)?
    Thank you

    • LoLaBu

      Like a straight exit with my listening dogs and like collection exit with Bi :)

      • Juliane and Nakhal

        Thank you very much (Nakhal isn’t a listening dog ;) )

  2. Lumba

    I am a Junior agility-addict from Hungary, and i have a very sensitive- shy Spaniel who is crazy about anything that involves fetching, running and agility :)
    We are gradually overcoming our fears, and becoming faster and faster on the agility field each day, even on competitions!
    Anyways, our biggest weakness was contacts. She was trained with 2o2o, and can easily do it on any object. However, on AF and DW, the more i ask her to
    stop, the bigger she jumps.
    Luckily i found LoLaBu (BiLeTo :D) Land, and found out about running contacts in the beginning of 2014- and after researching the topic, we began our journey in March.
    And then came the early struggles… that really made me think we should give up, but Szeder already loved the idea of not having to stop… So there was no turning back.
    And now, we are doing full height Dogwalks, in only 3 months!
    Last weekend, we had our first trial using running contacts, and it went well, so well, that i couldn’t catch up with her after the dogwalk!
    So i thank you for being so inspirational and Szeder thanks you for inventing running contacts, which is pure awesomeness!!!

    • LoLaBu

      Wow, so happy to hear that! RC sure are so much fun, no wonder Szeder likes it much better as a stop!

  3. Magdalena Domanska

    Dear Silvia
    We have problems. Mora is running nicely all 2 ramps, then changes the leg. it looks like she is preparing to be on the end and than has both hind feet together. She is in or not, usually on the border. if she will has separation she would be nicely in. it worry me very much because it looks like leaping and become habit.
    I need your advice and help

    • LoLaBu

      But… She is leaping because she is curling into you in anticipation of a toy… You lost all the forward focus, that’s why she is not driving through anymore. Go back to a toy thrown in advance and then fade it again, but ALWAYS having an obstacle after the DW and ALWAYS asking her to take it even on misses (I see you turn her back to you here after NR -- NOT good!).

      • Magdalena Domanska

        Thank you. I will work on focus ahead. I hope we will be able to rework it :-(

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