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  1. Hello -- i am getting my new pup beginning of may -- have you decided if you are going to keep jan pup class open as i hope to do it with my new one ?

  2. My last post didn´t came through to RC so I put it here. Thank you so much for the class. It was great and I learnt soooo much :). I hope we´ll see at next class too (if my access to DW gets any better, I´m dreaming of own DW one day :))!

  3. httpV:// hello Silvia. this is the second lesson here. I know I am slow and will say that today Vapor needs more speed. he has a focus issue with his toys. he will get slow and not run as hard if I don’t have a toy to push him. I can be way ahead and he will drift off and look for his toy. that is why I stayed with him in this exercise. it is not fun! I had it hidden here. any comments will greatly be apprieciated. I am doing foundations to help with this issue and go back to a place where I may have missed in his education.

  4. I found the Team Jumpers course and now it seems so easy but I think about 50% were eliminated on this course mostly handling the push backs or the turns after the push backs.

    • I handled with a lead-out between 1 and 2 on the left side and pushed back for 3 and FC to serp it, pull to 6 and pull to 7 and FC between 8 and 9 and push back 10, push back 12 and FC 13, pull to 15 and loud pull to 16 and stayed on that side to end.

  5. Hi Sylvia

    Have not done Cik and Cap before so this is different to left and right verbals? So my understanding is CIK is too the left of the pole and Cap is too the right of the pole. What is the reason for multiple wraps? I usually only have the one verbal around wraps which is check, check.

    • It’s better to post in classroom as under recent comments… Did you see the DVD? Cik&cap is always around the object and left&right is without objects and can be used for turns on flat, after DW, tunnels, on extension jumps etc. It just tells direction. Cik&cap tells collection, so even one verbal is o.k. Multi-wraps teach them the importance of tightness, “force” them in collection and later on teach them how to jump in collection.

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