At the moment, my major focus are long-distance classes – they work really great as I can supervise the whole process, unlike as with seminars. So you’re more than welcome to join in the fun!

I’m still doing 2 camps in LoLaBuLand, exclusively for my on line students.

The dates for 2014 are now fixed: 16-19 June and 22-25 September.

There are some changes this year. We’ll have a smaller group and only 4 days as 5 days was a bit too much for the dogs. Also, this time we won’t go with “first come” system, but those who took more classes will have an advantage in getting a spot as with less spots and just two camps, I guess they will fill quickly… Both camps are reserved for on line students and you can send an application for a spot till end of January. Right after, I’ll let everybody know who got in.

The price for 4 days is 360e and you will be asked to pay 100e in advance to reserve a spot once the spot is confirmed in February.

Some pictures of April 2012 camp (by Maja Rokavec):


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And August 2011 camps (by Maja Rokavec and Maria Pajzderska):


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    • For now, that’s pretty much all that is known about one-week camp: August 2011, Slovenia, 15min east from Ljubljana. Will post more once I know more, for now, I’m just checking how many people are interested to know if we have enough people for one camp or two or whatever.

        • ciao Silvia,
          come gia sai mi interessa sia il campo di una settimana per l’anno prossimo, sia quelli brevi per quest’anno!!! nn vedo l’ora….;-)

          • Great! But is 19-20th August possible for you? This is the date of this year agility seminar that will be followed by 3 hours of tricks on 21st August for those that still have some energy left:).

              • Oh, Slovenia is on your way to Croatia, you should stop by:). We’ll do a longer camp next August, this year one option are classes every 2 weeks and the other two-day workshop in August, maybe another one in November, if there is enough interest.

                • I should be ok for November! know more just tell me! We are in two and we have four dogs! (3 border collie and 1 beagle) … for lessons every two weeks can you tell me the calendar!?

                  • I’ll post the dates of classes in a week or two, it’s not completely fixed just yet, but they will be starting end of June/beginning of July and end end of September/beginning of October… Not good timing for you, huh?

                    • apologies for the delayed response … and everything depends on the day! I work with whose organizational !!!:-) but come to the race at Moza on 16?

                    • Most probably, the dates of classes will be 2.7., 16.7., 11.8., 18.8., 3.9., 17.9. and 8.10. and the seminar 19.-20.8. And no, I don’t come to Monza this year, I first got (wrong) info it won’t be done this year and then already set something else on that weekend before getting the right info that it will be organized…

  1. O.k., seems like we should have enough people for a two-day workshop already this year. What do you think about 19.-20.8.2010? I know, it’s not a weekend, but as all my weekends are filled with competitions and seminars already, that’s the best I can do… What do you think?

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