are already possible, so feel free to contact me so we can set the date!!!


  1. marylène

    bonsoir, merci pour ta réponse. je suis interresser à travailler les 3 chiens mais je suis d’accord de bosser chaque exercices avec un chien différent. merci encore et j’espère que bientot je pourrais venir bosser avec toi et te présenter mes chiens. marylène

    • LoLaBu

      Et voilà, toutes les infos sont sur le site. Tu me le dis si t’as besoin d’aide pour la traduction.

  2. marylène

    merci pour les dates aussi rapide. je pense venir au mois d’aout 2011. je comprend pas trop pour le prix. je t’envoie un email. merci encore

  3. Nancy Latthitham

    Dear Sylvia,

    I am a student of Kate Moureaux and Daneen Fox. I have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She used to have a fast, fearless DW but then something happened which could have been a bee sting, a sticker or maybe she got a toenail caught on the gap between the up ramp and the flat plank in competition. We don’t really know what happened to her. I was able to rebuild her confidence and now she consistently runs the DW fast and fearless in practice at 4 different locations where I train and practice. But she consistently slows in competition and shows fear, turning her head always to the right as she approaches the gap between the up ramp and the flat plank. She used to sometimes do that same little head check to the right on the teeter but I’ve worked with her a lot on her teeter and her teeter is ok now. Can you help me via video consultation with this? No one can figure out how to help me rebuild her confidence on the DW in competition.

    The last time she ran fearlessly across the DW in competition was on October 16th the day she earned her MACH 2.

    Here is a link to the first time it happened in competition in April 2010. If you slide the slider to the 1 minute mark that is when her run begins. Unfortunately there are two dogs runs on this video:

    This is her most recent Standard run at the AKC Invitational this past Sunday:

    This is on October 16th showing her running fearlessly without stopping two times across the DW in competition:

    Please overlook the managed running contacts -- she was not trained your way but my next dog will be!

    Let me know if it is possible to work with you on this via video and email consultation.

    She is my first agility dog. She is the #1 AKC Agility Cavalier for 2010. I don’t want to keep asking her to rehearse her fear on the DW in competition. But her fear doesn’t show up in practice. We have tried a lot of things but nothing holds up in competition on the rubberized dark purple DW with the bright white gap at most of our local trials. Those fearless runs on Oct 16 were on a different DW.

    Please let me know if you think you can help us.

    Thank you,
    Nancy Latthitham
    Ventura, CA USA

    • LoLaBu

      Does any of those 4 locations where you train have the same dog-walk as you describe that you normally see in competitions? Just wondering if she connected her fear with that particular dog-walk or a competition setting. Also, can you find another place to train that she doesn’t know, try their dog-walk and then tell how she behaves on that one?

  4. Anastasia

    Hello Silvia! :) My name is Anastasia. I love adgility! I work with my dwarf pinscher 8 months, his name is Martin and his two goda.U have a problem, he runs off with trassy.Podskazhite please what to do!

    • Anastasia

      Sorry, I am just out of Russia, and did not speak very well for angliyski.Pomogite please Martin.

    • LoLaBu

      I don’t understand much, Google English is hard to guess :) But sounds like he is running away? Looks like you need to put him on a long leash, find something that he really really likes (a special toy or treat) and practice lots of recalls. Play a lot with him and teach him fun tricks, it creates great bond and makes you a more fun person to stay with.

  5. Anastasia

    Thank you Sylvia! :) I’m on your tricks! And I really want to Pyrenean Shepherd, though in Russia they are so far no exact words, but the show class, not working: (

  6. Vivyane


    I would like about the private lessons?
    Can I send the video for you? And you analyze?


    • LoLaBu

      Yes, that’s possible too -- just not this week as I have August camp going on that will keep me busy enough.

      • Vivyane Specian

        Oh really!? Can you tell me when you come back, I would like to send my video. My email is:

        Thanks Silvia

        • LoLaBu

          I’m not going anywhere, just out of the door :) Next week should be easier.

  7. Céline

    hi silvia,

    natasha/dawa’s club in toulouse, france cannot accept me because they’re full.. i’ll have to find another club. in any case the level’ll be much lower.
    so i was wondering if you could give me private lessons on internet?

    for your information, my training program for the season is:
    - 3rd trimester (nov/dec bec of the twins’ birth): finishing advanced trick class (you’re already my teacher for that)+ advanced agility foundations (restrained stay with distraction, cik&cap, independent slalom, running contact and see saw)

    - 1st trim: few weeks of degree 1 courses to get confidence and speed
    and then starting degree 2

    - 2nd trim (april/may): mastering degree 2
    - 2nd trim (june-august): doing the handling class (i don’t want to do it before bec i want to do it in a deep technical way), you’re already my teacher for this class :-)

    it means i would need private lessons from december to may included.
    would it be possible, would you be interested?
    let me know
    see you

    • LoLaBu

      Depends what you need… I can review the videos and let you know what to improve etc. But I can’t design you courses or exercises to run as I don’t have that much time + I never train or watch or run A1 courses so I have no idea how they look like :)

  8. Céline

    let me think about it

  9. cinzia zordan

    Hi Silvia, can we meet in you center in 13 October?? I contacted you in the end of August and we accorded to check your appointments on second half of september to see if is possible that day!! We can only on saturday and i would like, if possible work with you One saturday per month……is it bossible??? Thanks in advance Cinzia

    • LoLaBu

      Sorry, but something came up for that weekend too… November will definitely be easier. I’m on trials pretty much every Saturday from March to November though, but it might be possible in winter.

      • cinzia zordan

        Ok Silvia for novembre if possible is ok!! You know already the date??? During Xstamas holiday we can arrange some training?? Thanks Cinzia

        • LoLaBu

          Maybe 17th… Can we fix it beginning of November? December should be o.k. too yes.

          • cinzia zordan

            YES of sure, thanks

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