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Our Center spreads on 11.000 m2, at the very end of a very small village with 16 inhabitants. – If we don’t count in our five crazy dogs. At the moment, it’s still work in progress, but our major project,  “agility roof” with artificial grass as a surface that allows training also in bad weather, is already built  and working great, the artificial grass provides perfect grip for the dogs and is very soft and easy on their joints – really an ideal surface for the dogs.

Hope to see you here!


We promote positive dog training only, no corrections are allowed. Our major focus is agility and tricks, but we promote and support all other versions of having fun with your dog too.

Those were the winners of our LoLaBuLand Drumming Challenge:

And more on our training approach in atricles:

Agility is easy!

Busting some myths on dog training

Heeling, my favourite trick

Be generous with your rewards!

Large vs. Small/Medium

BC vs. PyrShep

How it all began…

A question of enthusiasm

Let’s play!

World Championships 2010

9 thoughts on “Our Center

  1. Hey Silvia,

    I just noticed that all your dogs are female, is that correct? Just wondered if there was a reason for that, or you just like girl dogs? I would understand that, me having my little girl dog :)

    Also I wondered, do you spay your dogs? Purely curiosity, and why or why not? I have been reading lots about fixing agility dogs, in hopes for being knowledgeable for my next dog, and I just wondered what my favorite trainer did :D


    • Yes, I have all girls because PyrSheps are on a border of our medium class and most males fall into large category and have to jump 65cm (26 inches), so I prefer females who are smaller and more likely to stay in a medium class and can jump 18″. And since I don’t spay them, I prefer them all to be girls to not have to keep them apart when they’re in heat. I keep them intact as I want to keep an option of breeding them if I wanted to open.

      • Ah I see, seems like very good choices! Do females still go into heat when there are no males around? I’ve always wondered that. Also do you guys trial when ones in heat? (do they go in at the same time?) Or is that like the weeks you take off?

        Sorry so many questions. Thanks!

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