Puppy Oct graduation

That’s it! Time to show off what you’ve learned in the class! Please post your graduation videos here. Also, let me know which one of the training videos you would like to get as your graduation gift and I’ll send you a download link.

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  1. Here is Lava’s final video thank you for a great class. thanks for the training video also! I think i would like the tricks video…I hope to take another class soon.

    • Great job!!! Lava is so enthusiastic about her tricks, really fun to watch! And that hug was just too cute! Great balance! I have two tricks videos, Tricks for a great bond and Tricks for better thinking skills -- let me know which one to send!

  2. I don’t think my graduation videos will be ready for awhile but I did want to thank Silvia for her sincerity, immense knowledge, great eye, careful analysis of my dogs and my training and guiding me so well in the right direction. Silvia, you are a fabulous teacher with a myriad of excellent ideas.

    I also want to thank all the participants for the educational videos, and intelligent questions and comments throughout. This was a fun and inspiring class, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

    Happy Training everyone!

    • Louise you are not alone with being some time off getting your graduation video ready!!
      But I totally agree it was a really fun class and Silvia your insight and tips and help has been very inspiring!!
      And it has been fantastic watching everybody’s videos of their training. I’m looking forward to seeing all the graduation videos, as well as making my own one.

    • Thank you all! It was really lots of fun to work with you all, what a cool group! I sure hope to see many of you in future classes or if not, you can always drop a video on public pages of this site. Puppy Class pages will stay open for reading for a while too.

  3. I’ll be a week or so until I can do a graduation video (have to wash my muddy dog, for one thing) but I wanted to thank you all for such a fun class. My only regret is that I didn’t join sooner and as a participant. I can’t believe how many new tricks we learned in such a short time. And today I got three standalone sit ups using the knee method, our first ones ever! Never thought we would be able to get that one! I wish this same class could just keep going indefinitely. :) But I’m going to join Foundations and am already in RC, and then will do Advanced Tricks once Foundations is over. I’m addicted! Thanks, Silvia!

  4. I think it will take me at least a couple of weeks to get Papu’s graduation video together… But thank you Silvia for the great teaching we’ve had during this time!!! The whole course really exceeded my expectations! I have the same feeling as Diane, wishing this course could just go on an on… :D But I hope we’ll be joining the advanced tricks at some point. And if everything goes according to my plans, you might again see me at the puppy class with a new puppy. Although that might take a while still… :)

  5. Hi Silvia and classmates !

    At begin of last October, I can’t imagine that it could be possible to learn
    as many tricks than we do these last 3 months. Luring (with food) was my only way to learn anything before, but now, I know that all I will learn my dog with “shapping” is more efficient and stable, and easier for
    complexe behavior ! Also thanks Silvia for learning us heeling, that you pratice very fun with yours dogs !

    I will plan for your Advanced Tricks Class for next winter !

    Thanks to all participants that helps me to progress with their vidoes and comments !

    Silvia, I will recommend your puppy tricks class, but if you have too much success, you will have to be cloned !!!

    Now I’m really impatient to learn your “Agility as tricks” phylosophy …

  6. Posting Bisous graduation video makes me happy and sad at the same time… I had so much fun in this class and I smiled a lot when going through the videos and putting it together -- but it also marks the end of some fabulous months :(
    Thank to everybody, I really hope I will meet some of you sooner or later in other classes -- and Silvia, I hope to see you live in Germany again :) !

    Silvia, thanks for the download gift! I would love to have one of the the tricks videos -- which one would you recommend if the dog has gone through Puppy Class already?

  7. What to do?! Which DVD to choose?! Foundations? Advanced Tricks? RC? Tricks for Thinking? Tricks for Bonding? Heeling? Camp? Oh dear! HELP!!

    I KNOW!!!!!! Let’s just keep this class going while I make up my mind!:-) It won’t take me more than another six months or so! :-)

  8. Thanks for the fantastic class Silvia! We are having a lot of fun with all that we have learned. I would love a link to Tricks for a Better Bond. Thank you!
    All the best to you all!

  9. Last weeks were great thanks to you Silvia and all of you -- Classmates! Your great videos and detailed questions were opportunity to read Silvia’s answers, full of flexible methods of teaching our dogs and tips how to teach them. Huge thanks for that! It was a pleasure being auditor -- everything was so clearly showed I didn’t have to add any additional questions :)
    Spot is unfortunately few weeks behind due to limping for almost 3 weeks and castration so we have to work through lesson 6 (including limping ;)) and master previous tricks therefore I will be checking all comments again -- so for me it isn’t The End;)

    But anyway here is our graduation video with almost all we’ve learned so far here :)
    Meet my boy and his younger ‘sister’ who arrived to us from a shelter in December:

    • Great video, great training! Very cool to finally meet Spot, he is sure enjoying his tricks! And wow, what a handstand!!! Let me know which video you want for graduation!

      • :) Thanks a lot! We have much to master but after that we surely join Advanced tricks. To be honest I would be happy to take some agility class but have too small backyard to put a tunnel there :/ Anyway I have some pcv jumps and may train cik&cap at least. Are those also on Advanced tricks? I have to choose between 2 dvds -- Cik&Cap and Ready-Steady-Go as I’m interested in both of subjects :) Could you suggest me anything please?

        PS. You’ve surprised me (the auditor) by the gift so much! I didn’t really believe it may happened, again THANKS A LOT!

        • How much room do you have? Tunnels can be easily replaced with jumps, I just like tunnels for extra fun :) I mostly use really short ones, mine are 3m, so when put in a corner, they don’t take much room. If you decide for Foundations, most Cik&cap is covered there already, so I would advice Ready-Steady-GO! then -- and if not, go with Cik&Cap and teach it in your yard! Cik&Cap is not part of Advanced Trick no.

          • Tunnels make my dog quite speedy so I’m afraid he can splash on a fence, after a tunnel I can put only one jump and ask for cik as no place to run there or even throw a ball. I can put two tunnels but then I will stand in the middle and switch hands only thinking how to stop him ;) I’ve tried two jumps in a line and he needs definitely more room to catch the ball/prize. He’s a terrier, he will splash without even thinking ;)
            So Cik&Cap dvd will be probably better idea for now. Thanks!

  10. Hi Silvia & classmates,

    Here is our graduation video. sorry it’s so long :) but I wanted to include puppy clips when Zephyr first started this class & I guess I got carried away! He was just so cute with all his puppy fuzz! :)

    Thank you, Silvia for this wonderful class! We’ve had tons of fun & learned so much! Hope to see you in either the Advanced Tricks class or Foundations…haven’t decided which one yet. :)

    And thanks to all my classmates! It was great watching your videos! Hope to see you again in Silvia’s classes!

    Kathy & Zephyr

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