Very very proud

Le, La and Bu all qualified for World Championships!!! They actually assured their spots already in first 5 trials, but to make it even better, on finals today, we were 1st (Bi) and 2nd (Bu) in large and 1st (Le) and 2nd (La) in medium. Doesn’t get any better as that!

Not sure who I am more proud of, puppy Le who won qualifications with by far the biggest amount of points from all the categories at only 2 years, running like a pro. Or La who is 2nd at almost 11 years old. Or Bu for winning qualifications in large again, qualifying for 4th year in a row, despite all her fear or phobias. – Or Bi, the wild child, who was only one bar away from qualifying too!!! Or my team mates Polona and Matej who both qualified with two dogs and Daša and Urška in small team who all started agility with me – long long time ago. Not sure – but I’m sure very very happy with the results :)

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