Summer options

Just a reminder that May Running Contacts Class starts next week, if you want to join the fun!

Other summer options for classes are Handling Classes and Advanced Tricks that have no time limit, meaning that you can join and finish the class whenever you are finished with all the courses/tricks, no time limitations.

On a special request by those who are getting puppies, we’ll also keep March Puppy Class open, meaning that while those who started in March will be ending it in June, you can as well register now and then keep posting after the class is officially finished, to get the normal 12 weeks of feedback on your videos. All the previous videos and discussions stay on line too, just as with all other classes. So you can also join Foundations, but only as an auditor.

New Puppy class will start on 27th August, new Foundations in October and Running Contacts end of October/November.

10 thoughts on “Summer options

  1. How old do you recommend dogs be to join this class? Stout (in your puppy class now) will be 6 months old tomorrow. Too young?


  2. I was just looking through last year’s puppy class -- awww everyone was so cute! It would be fun to have a puppy class reunion where we could post pictures and where are they now sort of things. Ahh memories!

    • Well, the classes are all still open, so you are welcome to post the news to graduation page! The only problem is that Recent Comments page doesn’t work the best and only lists posts on most active pages, so new comments will be hard to find for others -- but I guess that if it becomes a habit, people will be checking back more regularly :)

      • I wish every one would do that! It would be fun to see all the grown up puppies. Funny how you get to know people all around the world without even meeting them “for real”.

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