Sooo proud!

Sooo proud of Werner&Esmeralda, my students from puppy class on, for winning Austrian WC qualifications, yay!!! Came to help the 2nd day, but they already won 4/4 runs, so no help needed anymore I guess!

And well, I hope Bu and Bi do as well in our qualifications as in Austria today – some videos soon, but first off to bed, I just had to brag about Werner&Esmeralda :)

22 thoughts on “Sooo proud!

  1. Now is the moment for me to write this comment! Usually I try to spend so little time as possible with my PC, I prefer to run with Esmeralda over agility courses. But after this very special weekend its time to cry out loud THANKS to Silvia for her really wonderful way to work with dogs. Work is not the best word -- its much more fun than work!
    Silvia, thanks for your patience to explain me what is the “normal” hand, thanks for giving me the feeling that we can manage all situations, thanks for so many ideas for all our big and little problems, thanks for individual solutions, thanks for living close enough to Austria, thanks for all!
    And also thanks to all the people who are happy with us, congratulations to Laura for her good nerves and WC-qualifikation.

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