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Finally found some time to gather recent photos from agility trials, mostly by Maja, partly by Iztok, Jana, Monika, Janja – thank you all! I just love the agility photos because of all those intense expressions on their faces :) Too cute!


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13 thoughts on “Agility Photos

  1. Wow, beautiful pictures! I expecially like the 7th, where the lady looks pretty concerned about Bi’s A-frame performance :-) and I love the shirt you wear on the 12th! Just too cool! :-)

  2. These pictures are amazing!!! 13 is my favourite: the expression on little Le’s face on that see-saw is sooooo sweet! :) Thanks for sharing!

  3. have you thought about organizing camps for handling/tricks AND photography together with Maja? I would be interested! :) amazing photos, amazing dogs…

  4. Great photographs! My favorite is also 13 -- although I am partial to all the pyr shep pics. In 13, she looks exactly like a little monkey up there. How do you keep from laughing at them the entire run? They crack me up……

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