March classes starting next week!

Just a reminder that Puppy and Foundation classes are starting next week, in case you want to join in the fun!

And a little collection video from La’s runs in World Championships 2003-2011 :) And no, we’re not retiring yet, we’ll do another video from 2012 to 2020 one day! I just didn’t want to make a video too long! :)

10 thoughts on “March classes starting next week!

  1. Wow, great! La is so fast even at 10 years of age, I guess you have taught her a lot of things but forgot to tell her how old she actually is :) and I had read on your other website what she passed through in 2008… What a little, great fighter she is.
    Speaking about the past, some time ago I was looking on the internet for some stuff about pyrsheps, and clicking on a link on a page (yes, my searching method, click on whatever can be clicked… :-)) I got to what I discovered was your old website on geocities! What a cool website! :-)

  2. Thank you for sharing this video of your amazing little dog!!!

    I remember a time many years ago, my sister coming home from WC telling me about this cool young little dog she saw at the opening ceremony (I think), just “walking” around doing all sorts of amazing tricks. The next year she came home from WC and told me that cool little dog won, at just two years of age!! :)

  3. That was so fun to watch, Silvia!!! A one of a kind special dog, for sure!! Brings tears to my eyes, of happiness for you and La!!! :D Such a wonderful relationship!

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