14 thoughts on “Agility in slow motion

  1. i love this! really shows how hard they work -- those teeters and turns are amazing! sure wish i was better with video, i would love to have my 4 in a slo-mo film like this!

  2. I just wanted to tell you how spectacular this video was. I absolutely loved the images of Bu flying overhead, perfect with the music. I also thought that crazy barking La looked a bit too familiar ;-) I try to think of you and La everytime Rankin’s mouthy over the top self appears and starts to make me frustrated. It makes me remember to enjoy and channel that enthusiasm.

    • Oh, I love the crazy ones! :) The hardest part is when I’m teaching a new trick that requires objects as those objects are flying all around before I ever manage to get them on the floor. And her first session is always a complete chaos and looks like “show me how many things you can do at the same time” game. I have no idea how she can guess what I’m clicking, but she is actually really good at it -- it looks chaotic, but somehow she gets the idea just as quickly as my more systematic thinkers -- to my surprise. And well, in agility, I really enjoy every minute of her enthusiasm :)

  3. Finally had time to watch this. WOW!! I LOVE slow motion!! How did you get the ones of Bu and Bi jumping? Was someone under the jump filming? SO very cool!!! Some really great camera angles!!! GREAT video!!!!

    • Yeap, there is somebody lying under the jump to film :) I loved those shots so much I had to do a video out of it and it was just so much fun to see them in slow motion!

  4. I’m right in the middle of shopping for a video camera that will do better slow motion--can you tell me which one you used for this?

    • It’s Sanyo Xacti and it’s pretty cheap for what it offers. The only think I don’t like about it is that it gets blurry every time you want to zoom in or out -- but you don’t need that for RC anyway.

      • Thanks! I don’t want it only for RC but also just for fun, to see the beautiful Sheltie coats flying in slow motion, happy eyes and barking. :) Although I’m sure you and I would both appreciate nice resolution on the RC videos.

  5. Very cool video! What I was wondering, though, is that didn’t Bu mind when someone was all of a sudden in her face with a video camera, or under the jump? I have a nephew who is autistic and he is also very much about always KNOWING what the plan is and how things are going to go, and if something is different than his plan or different from what he is used to, he gets upset. I’ve gotten, that Bu is the same. Someone under the jump is definitely different, isn’t it? :D

    • No, she didn’t even notice it. Bi noticed Bor under the jump and avoided a jump first two times. Bu didn’t even blink her eye. I was actually commenting: “she sure is autistic, she doesn’t even notice a person under the jump!”. She is very sensitive about some changes and she simply doesn’t notice some other things that my other dogs do. It’s quite unpredictable what will throw her off, but normally, with things she knows well (like a jump), you can’t distract her from her job, she is just so focused. And on a see-saw, the camera was not really that close as it maybe looks like, it’s zoomed in.

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