LoLaBuLand Camps 2012!!!

As promised, here are the dates for LoLaBuLand Camps 2012:

9-13th April

9-13th July

21-25th August

I’m opening the registration for long-distance students who want to come over for some more fun – NOW! Please send me your entries until February as that’s when I’ll open the registration for others too. But long-distance students have a first pick for the spots and can register already now! :)

The planned schedule is very relaxed this time as I think most participants already mastered all the tricks and foundations via long-distance classes, so the schedule is 9-17.30 (with a lunch break of 1.5 hour), working on handling and everything else that might come up :) – Have to love schedules like that! :)

The rest stays the same, there are several accommodation options nearby or you can also stay at the site in a tent or a camper for 10e per person in a tent or 20e per person in a camper (for a week). The price for the seminar is 380e for working teams and 180e for auditing. Participants will be asked to pay 100e in advance until March to fix their spot.

 Hope to see you here!

30 thoughts on “LoLaBuLand Camps 2012!!!

  1. Hello Silvia
    is it possible to come in April with Elton ? we are not a long distance student.
    If not we will come in August (one week with Elton, sophia with crack and pearl)
    hope your response asap

  2. Silvia, Can you please put me in contact with any students who have come from outside the EU? I’m in a non-EU country (Turkey) and would like to come to a class. Slovenia is just a 200 Euro round-trip from Istanbul. However, my understanding is it takes 4-6 months to do the paperwork to get a dog into the EU. And once it arrives, you MUST use the travel papers within 7 days, or you have to begin a new application and wait another 4-6 months. Makes it hard to schedule! But maybe it’s easier than I think.

    In the meantime, thank you for having the online classes!

    • Huh, sounds complicated… I’ve got visitors from US, Japan and Croatia (other as EU) and they didn’t need any special paperwork, so not sure who would know more about required papers… Maybe those from Serbia, I know some that come regularly to Slovenia, so maybe they would know?

      • Ah, I found a website explaining things a little bit (not much!). The countries you named have a “favorable rabies status.” Turkey does not. So in Turkey, I have to vaccinate, microchip, wait 3 months. Then drive to the capitol (Ankara) and have rabies titer done at a specific government lab. Wait 3 more months. Get passport. Then travel.

        • Yeah, sounds like what we had to do for Sweden and Norway, that’s not too bad and you don’t need to do it again if you travel again then. And 200e for a round trip sure sounds like a really good deal!

        • Hi Sharon!
          We are from Serbia and have similar rules.
          Only, we have to wait 1 month after vaccination. I even think it’s not necessery to wait, but it increse chance that titer test will be positive, speccially if that’s first rabies vaccination.
          And, vet can take blood sample and send it to the special lab, in the other city. No need to travel. Before we had approved lab in Serbia, samples were sent to Slovenia.
          I’m not sure about waiting after we get results. I know many people that didn’t wait, but maybe it should be done.
          Than 24 hours before actual trip, go to vet, get certificate that dog’s healty, go to special goverment office, pay to get official certificate. Certificate means that we must cross first border within 48 hours, and stay abroad max 4 months.
          And after all that complicated procuder, have valid papers that NEVER EVER anybody asked to see :-) we were twice asked if we have papers and that was all. And we crossed many borders in last 5 years!

          But I’ve never been in Turkey with dog, so don’t know about that!

          • Yeah, I think at customs, they usually don’t even know what papers are required… When they do take my dogs’ papers on Croatian border, it’s very clear they have no idea what they should be checking… But of course, you don’t want to risk anything!

      • I’d love to hear what it is like to bring a big dog from the US. I don’t think Toby would appreciate the flight and I’d be so worried about him. But I’d love to hike with him in your mountains! Dondi

        • Yeah, it’s always hard to let them go in cargo… But I know many people who do it regularly and the dogs are just fine. I only flew with a dog in a cargo once and it was a short and direct flight to Paris and Bu was perfectly fine with it (even though she is shy and sensitive dog), so I wouldn’t have a problem doing it again, but then, a flight from US is somewhat longer… From some airports in US though, you can get a direct flight to Munich and then you can take a train or rent a car from there. I normally fly to Frankfurt and then Frankfurt-Ljubljana to avoid the driving, but if I flew with a dog in cargo, I would probably go for driving to avoid connecting flights.

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