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O.k., so – after lots of thinking on what to do with the handling class, I decided to, for now, reactivate the exisiting class for those who wanted to join in but couldn’t set up courses then because of the weather. You can join now, run the courses that are all on line already and post the videos whenever you’re ready. You will see comments and videos of all original participants too and can join in the discussions, I’ll be answering all the questions. To give you an idea how it looks like, I’m publishing the last lesson of an existing class for everybody to see:

Here comes another course to work on pulls through, pushes out and some other challenges:

And two more courses on the same set:

And here is my video:


I’m showing the first course with Bu (and a small part with Le), I was not too happy with her cik on 10, but the rest went pretty smoothly. I can already see questions on why I said cik on 3: I had a feeling they would be almost landing in the wrong entry otherwise. Shorter jump on 3 made a push to the correct entry easier.

I’m showing the second course with Bi. With Bu, I did FC from 14 to 15, but with Bi, I don’t trust her on “around” that much and I really needed to support it a lot because she was on a wrong line, going so wide after 12, so there was no time for FC. That line could definitely be better, but still, this was pretty good for the wild child :)

On a third course, I did another Bu vs. Bi comparison. I chose different handling for the opening as they’re so different: I chose a more controlled way for Bi and a more “pushy” way with Bu who definitely doesn’t need any control, but often needs lots of pushing, so I was sure that will be the faster way for her. However, the comparison of two different versions that I did with Bu then didn’t show any significant difference. I also tried two different versions of handling 9 to 13 and interestingly, both BC and RC were equally fast for Bu. However, BC was faster for Bi – AND we didn’t get the bar that we got with RC! At the end, you can also see a comparison between pulling and pushing on the same sequence with Bu, Bi and Le. With Bu, again, there is no significant difference between the two options. I think she knows this sequence so well from both sides that it doesn’t matter anymore where I am, she doesn’t need to check in on pulls at all. With Bi and Le who are not trained to that degree yet, pushing was faster.

If you want to join us and run the other courses from the class, you can enter here:

- participant – 120e (170usd)

- auditor – 90e (128usd)

For those who already ran those courses, I’ll open a new class with new courses, but only end of August, that’s why I’m offering this additional option now. Also, please let me know how many people we have interested in August class.

7 thoughts on “Long-distance Handling Class

  1. Hi Silvia,

    I would definitely be interested in the August class.

    I am auditing this handling class (I joined late) -- I am not sure if you would advise us to upgrade as praticipants. Maia and I are in your running contacts class, so we are learning those (although she is doing the A-frame beautifuly already -- I tried running her on it just to see what she would do, and she did great -- I have NOT done the DW though- that we are not ready for) plus we are just learning cik/cap, so on your courses I cannot use them yet, hopefully by the August class we will be ready to use them :) What do you think?

    I love these courses! Even for a novice team like Maia and I they are so much fun, very challenging but so rewarding!

  2. Hi Silvia
    could you please tell me how to find the dates of agility competition in slovenia for this winter and how and where to enroll them?I am from Italy but it’s easier to me to compete in Slovenia. I know it’s not the right place for my question but I searched a lot in the internet and found nothing.
    Thanks a lot!

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