A question of enthusiasm

For everybody, asking how much room they need for that or another class… Here are Andreja and Ruby, my students through puppy, foundations and handling class. They live in an apartment in Ljubljana, the capital – see where they practised running contacts! :) Everything can be done if there is enough enthusiasm :) And yes, we do see other breeds as sheepdogs too - occasionally :)


Happy birthday to my favourite Whippet!

15 thoughts on “A question of enthusiasm

  1. I can’t see the video. Can you remove the music, please? Content of UMG is included, and therefore its not possible to watch in Germany :(

  2. What a great video! They are doing so many wonderful things with their training! And Ruby seems to be having so much fun, especially when she can play frisbee after a trick! That is a great lesson to learn -- make sure to keep all training as fun and part of a game -- I will try to remember this always as Cosi and I keep going forward with our training… A very inspiring video! Thanks so much for sharing it with us :-))

  3. No way!!! I have a 5 month old whippet who looks a lot like Ruby and we are starting to learn some tricks, obedience and agility, I hope we’ll have as much fun together!

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